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We are a real estate home appraiser.

Litigation support is defined as the preparation of all documents, both paper and electronic, for use in a case throughout the trial. This includes proper organization and digitization of documents that can be used as evidence in a court case. Also included in litigation support is the appropriate presentation of these documents through an electronic medium during trials.

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  • Value of real estate holdings. In your bankruptcy, the value of your property can determine whether you have enough income after taxes to pay back what you owe. If this is an issue, we will help you get a fair property valuation while considering all relevant factors.
  • Comparison with other properties owned by the debtor. Suppose you have more than one house or other pieces of real estate that you own. In that case, our attorneys must compare how much each is worth to determine any issues with undervaluing or overvaluing your assets for them not to be considered part of the bankruptcy process (the latter could mean trouble!).


Condemnation is the term for taking private property for public use through the use of Eminant Domain. The government may condemn private property for public use, such as roads or schools. 

Condemnations are often part of land development projects, such as building roads or installing pipelines. In these cases, the government will offer to purchase your land at its fair market value (based on what someone else would pay). Suppose you refuse their offer, and they proceed with condemnation proceedings anyway. In that case, you will need a current, well-supported appraisal as part of your argument in negotiations or worst-case scenario, in court.

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Divorce proceedings can be complex, especially in the case of high-asset divorces. We provide a wide range of services to help you through this difficult process.

  • We can help you value your real estate holdings so that you know what your assets are worth.
  • We have relationships with well-qualified commercial appraisers who can also value business interests and work out fair division agreements with your spouse when resolving business matters becomes necessary during divorce proceedings.

Assessment Appeal

What is an Assessment Appeal?

An assessment appeal is a challenge to the validity of the property tax assessment. If you pay property taxes, you have the right to appeal your valuation if it’s higher than what you think it should be.

What Do We Do?

We can prepare an appraisal of your home for use in an appeal by you, or we can act as your advocate in an appeal, using information from another appraiser or other sources of value related to your home. An appraiser can do both. We determine whether or not your property was overvalued by comparing it to similar properties in your neighborhood and other factors such as the number of rooms and size of the lot. We’ll help draft a complaint, which is filed in court, along with any additional supporting documents such as photos or appraisal reports from licensed professionals that prove there were errors made during the tax assessing process. We prepare you for depositions and attend hearings on your behalf to ensure that we can best represent your interests and keep track of deadlines set by law. We have experience working in many different legal circumstances.

We have experience working in many different legal circumstances. Our team is staffed by people who have worked directly for individuals, attorneys, banks, and government entities and understand the particular needs of each situation. We’re also familiar with all kinds of litigation support services: from witness interviews to courtroom testimony preparation and everything in between. Whether you need help preparing for trial or want someone to keep track of your files, we can help!