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What Lynnwood Homeowners Should Know About Appraisals

As a property owner, getting an accurate appraisal is essential. An appraiser will provide you with a “comparable sales” value for your home used for tax purposes and determine the property’s fair market value to complete the transaction.

We are a trusted partner with lenders across the country and have been in business for nearly three decades. We have worked with residential properties, including small homes and million-dollar residential properties. Hence, we understand what it takes to get an accurate valuation of these types of assets.

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What to Look for in a Real Estate Appraiser for Washington State Real Estate Valuation
Residential Real Estate Appraisal Services

We have the right solution, whether you are a lender, attorney, or homeowner.

When you need an expert to evaluate your Lynnwood property, we offer appraisal services that will provide support from start to finish. Our team of experts will help you find the best property appraiser in your area so your loan can be approved smoothly.

Our experienced staff of certified, licensed appraisers and field inspectors can handle the full range of mortgage-related services: property-specific condition reporting, property inspections and surveys, equity analysis and valuation, pre-purchase/inquiry reports, adequate value reviews, and lender demand letters.

Why do you need an experienced residential appraisal?

Appraisers are an essential part of the real estate cycle. Real estate appraisals provide a trusted and objective opinion of a property’s value so buyers and sellers can make informed decisions about the property’s value. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Lynnwood, WA, give North Sound Valuation a call. We will provide you with an experienced professional who can ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

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The Appraisal Process

An appraisal, also known as a professional evaluation, is a document that estimates the value of the real or personal property. Appraisals can be used for mortgage lending, divorce proceedings, and litigation cases. The appraisal process involves gathering data from public sources, conducting site visits and inspections, identifying comparable properties in the area, verifying client information, analyzing comparables, and developing forecasts for future price changes.

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is a professional code of ethics and standards that governs the appraisal profession. In addition to providing an impartial opinion about your property’s fair market value (FMV), our team can help educate you about the housing market so that you know what factors affect its price before making any major decisions.

Appraisals determine the value of your Lynnwood property.

An appraisal is your home’s “report card,” helping you determine how much it’s worth on the market. Appraisers thoroughly investigate the property and its features—including size, location, and condition. They also consider recent real estate transactions to come up with an accurate estimate of what other buyers would be willing to pay for your home.

An appraisal is an estimate of the current market value of your home. At North Sound Valuation, we can help you decide about selling your home or bidding on other properties in your area. We can also provide you with an estimate for insurance purposes so that your policy costs are calculated correctly according to local market prices for homes like yours.

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Residential Appraisal Services

Respectful, Expert Appraisals

At North Sound Valuation, we offer respectful, expert appraisals for sensitive times in a professional and timely manner. We understand the importance of obtaining an accurate assessment of your inheritance – and ensuring that it is protected.

With over two decades of experience in real estate appraisal, our mission is to provide professional, accurate, and timely service. We are committed to providing a personal touch and treating your real property with care and respect. We understand the local Lynnwood market and have the capability and expertise to get you the desired results.

Professional appraisals for financial, tax, and estate planning which include:

  • Financial planning and estate planning
  • Tax planning and financial reporting
  • Insurance claims and litigation support (as part of the “insurance defense” side)

Expert Witness Services

When you are involved in a divorce case, the appraisal of your property is a critical component of your case. With 42 years of experience as expert witnesses and appraisers, we can provide testimony about an appraisal completed for our client, offer testimony about valuations performed by others, and offer expert testimony on the appraisal process. We are well-versed in typical family law and other court-related processes; you will feel well-served and represented with our team on your side.


Expert Documentation of Appraisals

We provide timely and comprehensive reports. The appraiser will summarize the appraisal process and explain the significance of the findings in an easy-to-understand format. Let us provide you with a complete, well-supported report that can be used to accurately assess the asset’s current value.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the significance of your real property and treat it with the care and respect it deserves. Our goal is to provide you with the best appraisal service available.

Please contact North Sound Valuation for more information. We are here to help you get the information you need for fast, accurate, and trustworthy appraisals.

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